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What Is Multimodal Shipping and How Can It Help You?

Multimodal Shipping and cargo

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In today’s shipping market, there are various shipping modes and methods to meet every need for transporting goods all over the world – Air freight, land freight, sea freight, etc.

Sometimes, one mode of shipping isn’t enough when the cargo is required to ship a long way around the world. That’s where multimodal shipping comes into play. To make sure the goods are transported from their departure port to their final destination, logistics companies such as Pangea combine multiple transportation methods. In other words, multimodal shipping.

What Is Multimodal Shipping?

Multimodal shipping is the combination of several transportation modes like vessels, trucks, planes, and others to deliver cargo to their final destination. Additionally, multimodal shipping is handled under a single bill of lading regardless of if the goods are being moved by different carriers or not.

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What Are the Benefits of Multimodal Shipping?

Multimodal transport or shipping can be the ideal solution for businesses that transport large amounts of cargo regularly. The main selling point is that it takes less time and effort. Another major benefit of multimodal is that all shipments are handled under a unified bill of lading, which is managed by the shipping agency. 

Here are other reasons why multimodal transport appeals to many companies and why you should consider it for your next shipment:

  • Cost-efficient. Since the same logistics company will handle the entire process, it becomes much easier to coordinate and save a lot of money on transportation.
  • Better communication. When a logistics partner handles multimodal shipping, they will stay on top of all the shipping updates, changes, delays, and interactions. That ensures clear and direct communication with the different contacts and carriers.
  • Time-saving. Because one shipping agency is taking care of the entire multimodal process, direct communication between the shipper, the logistics partner, and the different carriers ensures fewer complications and faster transit times.

Pangea Logistics Solutions

If you’re looking for a capable and reliable logistics company, then Pangea Logistics Solutions is the partner for you. We have the expertise and the means to make your multimodal shipping process smooth, cost-effective, and worry-free.

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